About The Pantry restaurant

A homely Dutch atmosphere and Amsterdam friendliness.
The Pantry has been in Amsterdam since 2000. A real Amsterdam family business where you can get acquainted with home-made dishes from Dutch cuisine in a cosy, homely atmosphere.


A real family business

Jerome and his wife Renate are the owners of The Pantry. Jerome is an Amsterdammer, born and raised, with a big welcoming heart and years of experience in the restaurant business. Together with an enthusiastic and skilled team he will let you experience Dutch hospitality.

Your first Dutch lesson

In our restaurant, we make time for our guests. This is where we can show you, as a tourist, where to go in Amsterdam. Ask us for our insider tips!

We’ll treat you to a mini-lesson in Dutch. These are useful phrases when ordering a snack and drink during your restaurant visit.

  • Good day = Goedendag.
  • How are you? = Hoe gaat het?
  • Enjoy your meal! = Eet smakelijk!
  • Thank you = Dank u wel.
  • Please = Alstublieft.
  • Good bye = Tot ziens.
  • Have a nice day = Fijne dag.


Jerome with the team from the Dutch restaurant, The Pantry

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